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Full text of "Alaskan glacier studies of the National Geographic Society in the Yakutat Bay, Prince William Sound and lower Copper River regions"

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6 miles
Outline of coast and glaciers after Grant and Higgins.
glacier, and on its north side, but on the south side the thick forest ends almost exactly on a line with the edge of the ice, there being only a very few scattered trees beyond. There is some alder on the spurs between the two tributaries, but no spruce.
Ranney, Brilliant, Pedro, and Smaller Glaciers. Ranney Glacier of Una-kwik Inlet is a cascading ice tongue (Fig. 87) west of Meares Glacier. It ends a thousand feet or more above the level of the fiord, as do Baby Glacier and several small unnamed ice tongues.
Brilliant Glacier is a cascading glacier on the east side of the fiord (Pig. 38), of nearly the same size and appearance as the well-known Ulecillewaet Glacier in the Canadian Rockies. Instead of ending high above the fiord, however, as the Ranney Glacier does, it extends down a steep slope nearly to sea level. From its terminus a stony out-wash plain and delta extend southwestward nearly a mile and a half to the fiord. In this valley bottom and on the delta are mature spruces.
Nothing is known about previous advances or retreats of these small glaciers, though the fact